Road CEO

Can PTSD theory, explain why BME youth join gangs and thereby also provide solutions to prevent gang activity and criminality?

Does crime pay?

  • Looking at the real and hidden cost of crime
  • Looking at choices available for the career criminal
  • How difficult is it to find work with a criminal record
  • Assessing the impact of the new "Joint Enterprise" Law on street gangs
  • Are most drug dealers broke?

The Gang Stars

Tackling gang culture, crime and youth violence:

  • Peer-to-peer support scheme
  • Ex-gang member workshops
  • Fast-track referrals to training schemes and work placements
  • Gang mediation sessions
  • Self-employment and enterprise support
  • Is there such a thing as a positive "gang"?
  • Why do youths join gangs?

What are you on?

Analysing why there is a prevalence of black youth in street gangs and providing innovative solutions to combat gang activity and involvement:

  • The importance of Black history, in combating crime and anti social behaviour
  • Do you know who you are?
  • The Mansa Musa Theory
  • Aliko Dangote: The great black hope?
  • Lessons from Stanley "Tookie" Williams
  • The Devil made me do it(impact of popular music and film, on youth culture/behaviour)

E.Y.E (Enabling Youth Enterprise)

The so called "Black Economy" or "Black Pound", is reputedly worth £300 billion in the UK. Access UK, will analyse how the BME community can capitalise on this spending power so as to promote the strategic creation of jobs and opportunities, in the UK consumer market.

  • The UK's Black Business Directory
  • The "Black Pound"-how to spend our way out of poverty
  • Thinking outside of barber shops, hairdressers and food shops
  • The Marcus Garvey Model
  • Black Wall Street: lessons from Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA
  • Robin Walker's Seven Key Empowerment Principles
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Our Mission


Access UK aims to provide community based careers and education solutions to address youth unemployment and offending across the capital


Our main objective is to help reduce BME youth unemployment, provide training and employment solutions for ex-offenders and implement gang prevention initiatives.


Connecting local youths with local mentors as a means of preventing crime and providing employment and careers guidance.

Enabling Youth Enterprise

Building strong business training links to help BME youths set up their own enterprises.